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At MBN Properties, we excel in connecting you with not only the right home, but the right financing that fits your individual situation. MBN Properties is NOT a mortgage lender, however, we have years of experience connecting you with the right financing that works for your needs! Our application is simple, quick, and easy. 

Have you spoken with a representative of MBN properties prior to filling out this application? If not, we would like to invite you to call us before filling out any application at 260-337-3331 so that we can explain our programs, current inventory, and our process before having you fill out our housing application. 

Your submission of this form will be considered consent to allow MBN Properties LLC to contact a mortgage broker/lender on your behalf to pull the necessary credit information.  Our pre-qualification process is at no upfront cost to you. MBN Properties LLC will also work with any mortgage broker/lender of your choice to secure favorable financing. 

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All our rental properties are owned, managed, and marketed by MBN Rentals, LLC. We do require a credit and background check on all applicants.  We also require Auto-Pay deductions.

If you are interested in one of the homes listed on our Rental Homes page, please click on the "Apply Now" button below to fill out the rental application.  This is for rental homes only. 

Call: 260-337-3331

E-mail: mbnproperties@gmail.com

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MBN Properties LLC is a proud equal housing provider!

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