Your Home. On Your Land.  

 There may be no greater joy and sense of freedom then living on your own piece of land. It has even been said that approximately 80% of stress can be eliminated from your life if you wake up to a view surrounded by nature. When building on acreage, it is important to choose a builder with lots of experience in this matter. 

 Approximately 50% of our homes each year are built in the country and our owners and staff are well versed in the process of building homes in these locations. 

 There are many costs and considerations when deciding to build on acreage. We would be happy to meet you on your site free of charge in order walk the land and to give you some cost considerations up front. We even suggest walking the piece of land you are thinking about buying before you buy it. Having us walk the site up front will help you to have a better understandng up front of what possible costs you might incur in order to make your land suitable for a future home site. 

 Some items to consider are:

 Soil Tests, Foundation Borings, Wells, Septics, Power to Property, Grinder Pit, Gas/Propane, Utilities, Driveway, Culvert, Water Treatment Systems, Survey Work, Additional Excavation Work, Clearing Work Etc. 

"We will be happy to meet you on your home site and discuss the various options and considerations for building your home there"

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