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 We take a limited amount of custom build clients each year, so a good first step is to Contact Us to make sure we can accomdate you and your ideal timeline for the build. 

 The next step is finding location to build and house design. We can help you to modify one of our plans or start from scratch and design a home that will better meet your needs.  In most cases, we do offer free no obligation quotes and custom plan designs. 

In general, we do advise finding a location to build prior to disigning a home and having a estimate prepared. The location will determine a lot in regards to design and final cost and we have found that it makes the most sense to have a location picked out for the home prior to designing a home and producing detailed estimates. 

Our office and showroom is open during regular business hours and we can schedule evening or weekend appointments upon your request. We will be sure to accomodate any busy schedule. 

 It does take approximately 130-160 days for us to build a new home from start to finish and larger homes or homes on basements may take a little longer.  Weather, size of home, foundation, location of home etc does play a role in this time frame, however, 130-160 days is a good "rule of thumb."

 We do utilize modern technology in the form of software managment with each of our customers. This online project management software serves as a communication device for our clients throughout the build of your new home. We do a short tutorial with each customer before their home is started to teach them how to best utilize the software to best meet their needs. This software managment ensures we have timely and regular communications with each customer. We upload pictures of your home weekly and any paperwork, change orders, contracts, surveys, and construction estimates are uploaded onto this server and can be easily accessed anytime at your convenience. This software management is a significant benefit to each of our customers, and helps ensure a smooth and stress-free build process with each and every customer. 

 To eliminate any concerns and to add effeciency to the process, we do fully decorate and make all exterior/interior selections on your home before we start the build. This helps to further guarantee that you know exactly what you are getting up front and that there are no suprise costs once we begin construction.

 Contact Us to set up a appointment and get the process started. 

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