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Whether you are trying to qualify to Buy, Lease Purchase, or Rent one of our properties we can help! The qualifications do vary slightly from one program to the next but this page should help you develop a basic understanding of what we are looking for in a qualified customer. 

PLEASE NOTE: The qualifications listed below for each program are only a general idea of what is involved in the qualifying process. Even if you meet all the criteria listed below it does not automatically guarantee a pre-approval for one of our homes. There are a few other factors that can determine the applicant's eligibility. 

Do I qualify to BUY a home?

Here is a basic checklist that will help you determine if you might qualify to buy a home. 

1. Stable job or source of income

2. Acceptable credit rating  (Typically a minimum of a 620 middle score is required with some exceptions). 

3. No recent bankruptcy (last 2-3 years typically)

There are plenty of loans available that DO require a down payment, however, there are also programs that offer $0 down to qualified applicants. Click Here to learn more about $0 down! 

To check out a current list of homes we currently have for sale CLICK HERE! 

Do I qualify to LEASE PURCHASE one of your homes?

Here is a basic checklist to help you to determine if you might qualify to Lease Purchase one of our homes! 

1. Stable Job or income

2. Acceptable credit history

3. No recent evictions

4. Desire and intent to purchase within agreed upon amount of time

5. Deposit required upon lease inception

To check our current list of homes available for lease purchase please CLICK HERE!

Click Here to find out more about our Lease purchase program! 

Do I qualify to RENT one of your homes?

Here is a basic checklist to help you determine if you might qualify to rent one of our homes! 

1. Stable job or income

2. No recent evictions

3. Deposit and first month's rent required upon lease inception

4. No recent felonies or misdemeanors in background check 

To check out our list of available rental properties CLICK HERE! 


If you think you would like to learn more about one of our unique programs or have questions regarding the application process or a specific home please contact us. We do ask that you contact us before filling out an application. 

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