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     MBN Properties is dedicated to building beautiful, high-quality, custom homes for our customers. Our primary philosophy is to build relationships and value through a custom build process. We are committed to you every step of the process. The two things that differentiate MBN from other home builders are our exceptional home designs and our commitment to you. We pride ourselves on our communication with homeowners throughout each phase of the build.

     The first step to designing and building your dream home is to contact us today! We would love to talk with you and help you build your next home. We can help you design a plan from scratch or start with one of our existing home plans. We offer free estimates and plan designs. It is often helpful if you have found a location to build prior to designing the home. If you don’t have a lot or plot of land already, our team can help! Our average build time varies for each house based on many variables, but once a plan has been finalized, we can better estimate the time it will take from start to finish. After you have selected and designed a floor plan and signed an estimate, you will meet with our design team. Our designers are committed to bringing your dream home to life! After you have finalized all selections with the design team, the construction process can begin! In order to efficiently build homes and eliminate confusion in the field, we make all home selections, both interior and exterior, prior to starting the build.

     Throughout the design and build process, our team uses a construction management software. We use BuilderTrend to communicate internally, with vendors, and with homeowners. During the design phase, we will show you how to best use the software throughout your build. Using this software ensures timely and regular communication with each homeowner.

“The best way to predict your own future is to BUILD it.”


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